Explore Pokagon on foot via over 13 miles of hiking trails, or easily get around the park using the paved bicycle/accessible trail. Please stay on marked trails.


Pokagon State Park has 13.7 miles of hiking trails through diverse terrain. Trails are open from dawn to dusk. Hikers must be off the trails before dusk.

Trail 1

2 miles, Moderate difficulty.

This trail from the Inn goes past the Nature Center to the Apple Orchard picnic area
through hardwood forest. It crosses the road at a bridge, continues as the bicycle trail to
the Saddle Barn, and back to the Inn. A good trail for woodland birds and spring flowers.

Trail 2

2.2 miles, Moderate difficulty.
Trail begins on the main park road near the gatehouse, goes through rolling land, past
Spring shelter, through hardwood forest, and terminates at Campground 1.

Trail 3

2.2 miles, Moderate difficulty.
An interesting trail leading through Potawatomi Nature Preserve, with varied habitats of marsh land, deep hardwood forests, pines, and sand hills. Hikers enjoy a panoramic view of the area from the trail overlook at Hell’s Point. The trail then returns to Potawatomi Inn.

Trail 4

1.4 miles, Easy.
The trail begins near the gatehouse (with Trail 2) and extends to Trail 5 through campgrounds near the amphitheatre. A variety of habitats is offered in pine trees, hardwood forest, and rolling land.

Trail 5

0.7 miles, Easy.
The trail begins near Campground 1 and goes past the Group Camp to the beach. Passing through deep woods, this is a good trail to observe birds and spring flowers.

Trail 6

0.7 miles, Moderate difficulty .
The trail goes through primitive area, including swamp. It begins and ends on Trail 3. A good trail for observing marshland plants and animals.

Trail 7 – Bluebird Hills

1.8 miles, Moderate difficulty.
The trail starts just below Hell’s Point on Trail 3 and makes a large loop before returning to the starting point. It is mostly open, rolling hills of grasslands that support native prairie plants typical of the land before it was farmed. Restored wetlands among the hills provide homes for many species that prefer this habitat.

Trail 8 

1 mile, Moderate difficulty.
The newest trail leaves Trail 3 just west of Hell’s Point and heads north, crosses a county road, and traverses open, rolling hills, which are being managed to return to meadowlands. A spur trail leaves park property and connects with the loop trail in the nearby ACRES Land Trust property, Beechwood Nature Preserve.

Trail 9 

1.7 miles, Rugged.
This trail leaves Trail 3 and goes east through wooded swamps and young forests. It touches the former site of the “Pokagon Motel” on State Road 127, near I-69, passes by Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)-built stone dams, and returns to Trail 3.


Click for PDF of brochure with park map & trails.


Pokagon State Park Hiking

The approximate 8-mile hiking challenge begins and ends at the Nature Center. It is moderate to rugged in difficulty, and includes going up 84 stairs to Hell’s Point, the
park’s highest peak. Route maps can be picked up at the Nature Center or downloaded to your phone. Photograph all six way-points along the route and show the Nature center staff upon returning to receive a finisher’s souvenir. Take plenty of water. The last place to fill water bottles is at the Spring Shelter!

The sites to photograph for the challenge correspond to numbers on the Park Map & Brochure:

  1. County Rd. Bridge
  2. Spring Shelter
  3. Wetland View
  4. Hell’s Point
  5. CCC Dams
  6. Lake Lonidaw

Download Hell’s Point Challenge Map.


Pokagon State Park Hiking

Pokagon State Park boasts a 1.6 mile, paved bicycle/accessible trail that connects the campgrounds, Nature Center, Saddle Barn, Inn and park entrances. It makes getting around the park very quick and easy.

Bring your own bike, or rent one at Potawatomi Inn.

Stay At Pokagon State Park

Take your time exploring all that Pokagon State Park has to offer